What we believe

We believe that… there is more to life.

At South Woodham Evangelical Church, we believe: –

  • Forgiveness and a brand new start are possible with Christ.
  • The Lordship of Christ sets us free to be our true selves.
  • Relationship with God gives a deeper purpose and sense of adventure to life…
  • In the Authority of the Bible because in the Bible we learn about God’s big story and his mission of love to humanity shown supremely in Christ Jesus.
  • Baptism for Believers expresses a truly personal faith.
  • In the Priesthood of all Believers because it affirms the place of all Christians in the worship and service of God.
  • Believers, seekers and doubters should be made welcome in our services.
  • Church Membership and Church Members’ Meetings should be a genuine expression of Christian community, a gathering of Christians called together to be in covenant commitment to each other who seek together to take responsibility for the life of the church.
  • Interdependence is necessary because we need each other and each church needs other churches.
  • Sharing the Faith is vital because we are people of conviction and want others to know the life giving relationship that we have with God through Jesus Christ.
  • Religious Freedom is of the utmost importance because only free faith is true faith and all should have the freedom to come to their own convictions.

Contact Info

Rev Adrian Ward
South Woodham Evangelical Church
85 Hullbridge Road
South Woodham Ferrers
Essex CM3 5LJ
Tel: 07375 936840