Our vision

A community of the people of God, filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, working to make disciples for Christ.

“You shall be my witnesses”

This is what Jesus said to an unpromising bunch of disciples whose flaws and failings He had lived with for three years. One of them had denied that he even knew who Jesus was and the rest… well they ran for cover!!

Yet it was this bunch of people who Jesus called to be ‘his witnesses’ and to be ‘a light to the nations’ so that his salvation should go to the ends of the earth! How could they do this? Only in the power of the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent to equip them for the task!

As a church community today we inherit that legacy – not just to make converts but to make disciples who along with us will become part of God’s missionary movement to proclaim and demonstrate Christ’s amazing love, justice, compassion and life transforming power in our home town, our work places, this nation and to the ends of the earth!

Contact Info

Rev Adrian Ward
South Woodham Evangelical Church
85 Hullbridge Road
South Woodham Ferrers
Essex CM3 5LJ
Tel: 07375 936840