Meet some members

meet some members

Here you can read about the difference that faith in Jesus is making in the lives of some of our members.

Paul Bonham

Ever wondered about the way Life turns, one way than this?

Ever just…… wondered!?

God is working through me today, and has provided me with what I need to live according to his purposes. He has always done this; I just needed to open my ears and eyes and let the Holy Spirit in.

Through the constant support of my Mother and Father (who was in the business), I trained and then became a Franchisee of a service station. This business gathered momentum and I came to run larger operations—which demanded more of me, and my work/life balance shifted. I was in a job that led to me becoming ill over time—kidney damage leading to dialysis, and then a transplant. God has always looked over and after me through providing the care and wisdom for health staff, and continues to do so today. I can now see, I am now aware—I just needed awakening.

I changed profession to a helping one, in drug and alcohol support for those needing it; I had no idea where that came from. I do now. It is so reassuring that I have my guide through life, and that I plan what I consider to be my best course; however the steps have already been planned.

Today I am praying to be released further into his purposes; given His track record I need not worry – God provides!


Gabriela Toma

My family and I moved here last year and so I started attending SWF Evangelical Church.

SWEC is a welcoming, caring church filled with God’s presence.
The teachings are good and accurate, the worship is full of praise and joy and there is a strong community spirit.

By knowing the Sunday school teachers and from what my daughter’s impressions were, the Children and Youth Service is engaging and well thought and planned for.

The church runs some community reaching projects such as the chatty bus , Girls and Boys brigade. The latter are a credit to both children and church as their presenting services are just brilliant!

What helped me settle in and gave me a sentiment of belonging was the ladies’ home group. Here I made friends, I shared and prayed within fellowship and we all cared for one another .

Based on my experience and spiritual growth over the last year I can only recommend a visit to the church, listen to God’s Word, meet some of His people and let Him work in you and through you .

Every blessing,
Hebrews 10:24-25


Richard Hewes

I moved into this village in 1970. When I walked into South Woodham Evangelical church I was given a very warm welcome.
I have seen this fellowship grow with a thriving Boys and Girls Brigade.
I have been involved in many outreach events and men’s dinners over the years
Men need encouragement, Godly wisdom and hope today more than ever. While the world tends to tell men to hide their emotions and act tough, God’s Word is filled with men who passionately and whole-heartedly sought God with their heart, mind and soul! God has a special calling for men to be strong, courageous leaders, and His Scripture can provide the inspiration you need to make daily steps towards your calling.

Proverbs 3. Vs 5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.[/toggle_content]

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